The Inpatient Admission will be initiated upon recommendation by consultant or emergency doctor empanelled with NMC. Whenever a patient would be referred (from outside) by a doctor who is not empanelled, to the hospital for admission, emergency or planned, the patient will be first evaluated by the Emergency Medical Services team , and after consultation with the consultant on call, the patient will be admitted.

Your consulting doctor will initiate the pre-admission appointment for you, please visit the Admission office at the Ground Floor and we will facilitate the admission formalities. You will meet with a patient experience executive who will make sure everything is in order.
Your doctor may also schedule pre- admission medical tests such as laboratory tests or X-rays, before your hospitalization .The pre-admission tests may be completed prior to the admission date. However, other prescribed tests may be done on the day of your admission.
You may want to bring a family member or trusted friend to your pre-admission appointment. We can help answer your queries or they may have then.
Kindly submit the admission deposit amount before the admission to avoid any delays and cancellations.

If you are scheduled to have elective surgery and need a blood transfusion, you may consider providing your own blood. You must donate blood at least 24 hours before surgery. Your blood will be stored in your name and reserved just for you. We encourage you to discuss this program with your physician.

• Credit Card or Cash for Payment or Deposit
• Photo ID or CNIC of patient & attendant
• Physician note (Consultant prescription)
• Authorization note from Corporate ( if your are a corporate patient)

Please do not carry the following:

• Jewellery& valuable items
• Large amounts of cash
• Blankets & Sheets

• Patient Meals will be provided as prescribed by the dietician under the guidance of the consulting doctor.
• The hospital kitchen is equipped to serve well-balanced meals.
• Outside food is also allowed in the hospital as per the instruction of the consultant
• The patient’s attendant will be served meals in the inpatient room on a chargeable basis.
• The Visitor’s Cafeteria is located on the 1stfloor and is operational 24X7, all days

A hygienic environment is essential for your health; help us to maintain our standards.

• Consumption of alcohol, smoking, chewing gum and spitting are strictly
• Keep the toilets clean and dry.
• Use the dustbins for disposal of any waste.
• We take pride in serving you. Giving tips is prohibited.