National Medical Center is a 145-bed, multi-Speciality tertiary care hospital with 5 thrust areas: Cardiac Sciences, NeuroSciences ,Nephro-Urology,  Orthopaedics& Spine, and Woman & Child Health. The Hospital has excellent diagnostic services, including Laboratories, Radiology & Imaging, and Nuclear Medicine.

This is a technologically-advanced institution designed to international standards and the most stringent criteria in infrastructure, medical care, fire-safety norms, and environmental guidelines. This is because every element that comprises The Hospital’s making, from the premises, to the processes, to its professionals, contributes to the overriding principle: Respect for Life.

  1. Patients First

We believe that patient and family-centred care is integral to all our operations. The patient is our first priority and at the core of our efforts. Everything we do must meet or exceed the expectations of our Patients and their Families.

  1. Teamwork

We will work as one team to deliver world-class patient care; by combining the strength of each individual, we will accomplish more together. We trust each other to deliver our goals.

  1. Respect

We have a deep regard for human dignity and will treat each individual with respect and humility. We will act with compassion and empathy at all times.

  1. Integrity

We are committed to build trust through ethical practices, direct communication and transparency. We strive to be honest and forthright.

  1. Accountability

We are accountable and deliver results with an ownership mind-set – individually and in teams – to provide the best patient care. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

  1. Excellence

We relentlessly pursue excellence to ensure the highest quality of Clinical Outcomes. We believe that patient care and safety drives this value.