Equipped with cutting-edge technology and backed by the expertise of skilled faculties, the Radiology department at National Medical Centre is one of its kind in the country. The department functions as a Tertiary Referral Centre for Radiology with sub-specialisation and specific focus on Neuroimaging, Functional Neuroimaging, Head and Neck Imaging, Abdomino-pelvic, Chest and Musculoskeletal Imaging along with Interventional Radiology. The complete range of imaging services are provided for all age-groups of patients, using the latest equipment and techniques. With the highest quality of imaging and image-interpretation, the Radiology department provides a strong foundation for expert care at the hands of our experienced specialists. With top-of-the-line personnel in the capacity of Division Chiefs for each of the different sub-specialties in Radiology, we are proud to have such valuable experts for our patients.